People 1st 2021: The Reimagined Organisation

room Central European Time

  • Day 2

  • 14:00

    Host Welcome and Introductions

  • 14:05

    Being Future-Ready: Preparing for a world where people and machines live and work together.

    • The reality of technology capability; both now and in the future.
    • The skills we humans will need to thrive alongside machines.
    • What automation actually looks like (with an example of how Matt was automated out of a job).
    • How will technological advancements impact future workforces? The jobs that will be eliminated, and the new roles that will be created.
    • Our children: What we should teach them to thrive in a world of work so different to the one we have experienced so far.
  • 14:20

    Maintaining and developing culture with a disparate workforce

    • Maintaining the culture of a business; the challenges when a lot is wrapped up with being present: office design, meeting areas, way of dress.
    • New starters; how it is easier to maintain ‘that feeling’ with established members of staff and more difficult to establish with new employees.
    • Weaving your new, flexible working practices into the fabric of your culture and bringing it into the 21st century – empowerment, trust, flexibility.
    • Boosting engagement with blended work practices; building culture through people, not bricks and mortar.
  • 14:50

    Challenges and opportunities - learning and development reimagined

    • A look at companies’ responses to the pandemic – key shifts in the learning landscape.
    • Impact on training budgets in some cases - reduction of teams and training offerings, companies having to be more innovative with fewer resources.
    • Increased awareness of diversity and inclusion in 2020 / 2021; being aware of topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and inclusive hiring within L&D programmes.
    • The challenges and opportunities of the shift to remote and hybrid working – converting in-person training and monitoring performance.
    • Cultivating critical thinking, creativity, soft skills and digital skills.
  • 15:20

    Refreshment Break

  • 15:30

    Interactive Virtual Roundtables

  • 16:30

    Remote Working – Redefining Talent Mobility

    • How can HR collaborate with other functions (e.g. Global Mobility, Talent Acquisition, Tax etc.) to develop international Remote Working policies?
    • What are the key compliance challenges to consider when offering international remote working?  
    • Creating policies that are fit for purpose and enable your organisation to become an employer of choice in the war for talent?
    • What are the key considerations for determining pay and benefits for international remote workers?
  • 17:00

    People 1st: How your employees’ wellbeing can impact the organisation

    • Moving forward – ensuring employees have the proper care they need to be mentally strong while at work and in their personal lives.
    • The importance of gaining a balance in the ‘always on’ modern world. What procedures can you put in place to ensure work is not 24/7?
    • Could there be a fall-out for the disadvantaged?
  • 17:30

    Closing Remarks