People 1st 2021: The Reimagined Organisation

room Central European Time
  • Day 1

  • 09:30

    Host Welcome and Introductions

  • 09:35

    Becoming more human: building the organisation of the future

    • Spearheading change: how CHROs and other leaders should strive to completely reimagine the basic tenets of an organisation.
    • In the post-pandemic era, how old rules—hierarchy, uniformity, bureaucracy, and control—will no longer be effective. 
    • Flexibility and responsiveness built around; more connection, unprecedented automation, lower transaction costs, demographic shifts.
    • Companies becoming more human; inspiring, collaborative, and creating an employee experience that is meaningful and enjoyable.
    • Driving change in leadership, culture and employee experience.
  • 09:50

    Change afoot: hybrid, flexible working practices and the accountable employee – the new way forward?

    • The dissembling of the old guard; is this the end of the daily commute and 9-5? Findings from the forced experiment of new working practices.
    • Opportunities of virtual working: flexibility and increased productivity, reduction of office space, collaboration across geographic boundaries.
    • Challenges of virtual working: those reluctant to work from home, the loss of serendipitous connections, difficulty of collaboration online.
    • Hybrid and inclusion: creating an even playing field for reward and advancement regardless of how and where someone works.
    • Hybrid working practices – the way forward? What could this look like for many businesses?
  • 10:30

    Holding on to talent in the new world of work

    • How studies show many employees plan to ‘jump ship’ once the dust has settled following a low level of turnover during the crisis.
    • Possible causes: burnout from heavy workloads, balancing work and personal lives and a lack of communication, feedback and support.
    • How holding on to top talent will be key for a business to thrive in a post-pandemic economy - key tools to achieve that.
    • Giving your employees an opportunity to grow in the new world of work - learning opportunities
  • 11:00

    Refreshment Break

  • 11:15

    Interactive Virtual Roundtables

  • 12:15

    Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace: what is on the horizon?

    • 2020 and the increasing push to prioritise diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.  
    •  A meaningful moment in our history - how many companies and industry leaders felt pressure to combat discrimination and cultural bias.
    • Questions to be asked: where do issues related to DEI stand today? How have companies made changes to address these issues? Where are we seeing progress and where are there still inequities to be addressed?
  • 12:45

    Closing Remarks

  • Day 2

  • 14:00

    Host Welcome and Introductions

  • 14:05

    Being Future-Ready: Preparing for a world where people and machines live and work together.

    • The reality of technology capability; both now and in the future.
    • The skills we humans will need to thrive alongside machines.
    • What automation actually looks like (with an example of how Matt was automated out of a job).
    • How will technological advancements impact future workforces? The jobs that will be eliminated, and the new roles that will be created.
    • Our children: What we should teach them to thrive in a world of work so different to the one we have experienced so far.
  • 14:20

    Maintaining and developing culture with a disparate workforce

    • Maintaining the culture of a business; the challenges when a lot is wrapped up with being present: office design, meeting areas, way of dress.
    • New starters; how it is easier to maintain ‘that feeling’ with established members of staff and more difficult to establish with new employees.
    • Weaving your new, flexible working practices into the fabric of your culture and bringing it into the 21st century – empowerment, trust, flexibility.
    • Boosting engagement with blended work practices; building culture through people, not bricks and mortar.
  • 14:50

    Challenges and opportunities - learning and development reimagined

    • A look at companies’ responses to the pandemic – key shifts in the learning landscape.
    • Impact on training budgets in some cases - reduction of teams and training offerings, companies having to be more innovative with fewer resources.
    • Increased awareness of diversity and inclusion in 2020 / 2021; being aware of topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and inclusive hiring within L&D programmes.
    • The challenges and opportunities of the shift to remote and hybrid working – converting in-person training and monitoring performance.
    • Cultivating critical thinking, creativity, soft skills and digital skills.
  • 15:30

    Interactive Virtual Roundtables

    • Room 1

      Answering business questions at scale to thrive in the new landscape; understand your people, manage change, and drive business impact.

      • Identifying priorities that drive high impact; anticipating future talent needs and aligning people to business requirements as the organisation evolves.
      • Operating beyond HR; empowering leaders to make immediate, informed decisions in a hybrid/remote/flexible workplace to achieve business agility and long-term success.
      • Where are you on your journey? Measuring and improving your company’s people analytics maturity level.  
    • Room 2

      From today's managers to tomorrow's leaders; transforming your business through people development for the evolving digital workplace. 

      • Enabling personal and business growth: Adapting to the shifting demands of the business and diminishing talent gaps - effective, flexible and scalable coaching, upskilling, reskilling and continuous development to drive sustainable learning, behavioural change and increased productivity.
      • Inspirational Leadership: Navigating the manager’s changing role in creating an inclusive culture that drives self-sufficient growth - empowering your workforce to take action on their mental, emotional and behaviour state, enabling a stronger feeling of belonging.
    • Room 3

      How to use innovative reward schemes to maintain workforce motivation and create a culture of inclusiveness with a hybrid workforce.

    • Room 4

      Supporting the holistic health and wellbeing of your workforce: enhancing your EVP to attract, motivate and retain.

    • Room 5

      Shaping the future of engagement and surfacing the truth to execute action - understanding different experiences and turning insights into high-impact, scalable actions to create an ideal employee experience.

  • 16:30

    Remote Working – Redefining Talent Mobility

    • How can HR collaborate with other functions (e.g. Global Mobility, Talent Acquisition, Tax etc.) to develop international Remote Working policies?
    • What are the key compliance challenges to consider when offering international remote working?  
    • Creating policies that are fit for purpose and enable your organisation to become an employer of choice in the war for talent?
    • What are the key considerations for determining pay and benefits for international remote workers?
  • 17:00

    People 1st: How your employees’ wellbeing can impact the organisation

    • Moving forward – ensuring employees have the proper care they need to be mentally strong while at work and in their personal lives.
    • Managing the people managers: how people are often promoted for technical expertise rather than people skills - what training is needed?
    • The importance of gaining a balance in the ‘always on’ modern world. What procedures can you put in place to ensure work is not 24/7?
    • Could there be a fall-out for the disadvantaged?
  • 17:30

    Closing Remarks